2 weeks to go…

Blimey, where does the time go… just 2 weeks ’till the big day!?

Ideas needed!

In the meantime, I’m setting you a wee bit of homework 🙂 As you know, we’re building stuff as well as talking this year. And, so we can get the day off to a flying start, we need to be able to focus on a particular/issue problem. So, get voting (or add your own ideas). Preferably by teatime on Monday (12th). That’ll give us time to look out some relevant data sources to use on the day.


While I’m on, I’d just like to thank Aberdeen University for hosting the event and also our very generous sponsors moreopen and Learning Pool. Check out their websites – we couldn’t do ScotGovCamp without them!

Getting there

Remember to check out our Google Map for travel sharing opportunities.

Mini-ScotGovCamp in Glasgow

Sorry if you were holding out for the promised Glasgow event during Social Media Week, but we’ve not been able to make this happen. There are still a few tickets available for the main shindig though.


4 thoughts on “2 weeks to go…

  1. In the past we have just come up with ideas for the main barcamp event on the day – are you wanting some posted on IdeaScale in advance or is this mainly for HackDay (sorry, just stuck one in there as have been a bit preoccupied with job applications!!)?

  2. lelil says:

    Nick, IdeaScale primarily for hacking ideas, but you can stick discussion session topics on there as well if you like.

  3. […] inspiration for this came from a ScoGovHack day I recently attended. One of the main themes of this day was an investigation of Hyperlocal […]

  4. Hi All

    As promised have put photos of the various sessions on Flickr => http://bit.ly/oWf3fE

    (Lesley – I posted this some weeks ago but it does not seem to have been approved)



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