Barcamp with a twist of hacking

This year’s ScotGovCamp (Aberdeen on 24 September) builds on the success of our 2010 event by adding a hackday strand. [TICKETS ARE STILL AVAILABLE – JUST!]

Traditional hackdays are free-form events where developers and others, such as enthusiasts, campaigners or journalists, come together and discuss potential projects to work on. The discussion can take up most of the morning as ideas are explored and data sources are investigated.  Only once that discussion has taken place do groups form and the work begin.

We thought that we’d try something different for ScotGovCamp. If we can move the idea bit forward, ahead of the hackday, we can use the day itself more efficiently – building something all day rather than discussing options.  So…we have a forum where you can suggest ideas for the hackday and vote on them up to 10 September.  Once we have a ‘winner’ that gives us two weeks to identify data sources, leaving the day clear to work on building stuff.

BTW, feel free to move between the two strands – the hackday and the govcamp – on the day. We hope that the hackday will produce applications of relevance to the barcamp discussions, and that the winning topic for the hackday will generate discussion at the barcamp. All we ask is that when booking tickets you choose the strand where you anticipate most of your time will be spent.


2 thoughts on “Barcamp with a twist of hacking

  1. Food for thought – I see that Pizza seems to be on offer – is this just for folk going to the Hackday event i.e are refreshments being provided or do we bring our own? I have a cork-screw I can bring 😉

  2. lelil says:

    Yes Nick, there will be refreshments. The butteries are on order 🙂

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