Get two fabulous events for the price of one!

ScotGovCamp 2011 will be held in the MacRobert Building at the University of Aberdeen on Saturday 24 September. [TICKETS AVAILABLE NOW!]

So what’s this GovCamp thing all about then?

GovCamps are self organised unconferences for people that work in and around government. They’re free; have no set, pre-defined agenda; focus on attendee participation; integrate with online stuff and are relentlessly positive, constructive and creative. GovCamps enable folk interested in developing innovation and technology in government to come together in an informal setting to share their ideas. And eat pizza.

What’s on the agenda

Nothing yet! (see above). Last year we talked about:

open data
G cloud
Digital Scotland
Big Society
linked data
law and computers
barriers to engagement
lots of other stuff


This year, we’re trying something a wee bit different. Alongside the more ‘traditional’ discussion/presentation sessions there will be parallel hacking sessions – during which we can actually make some stuff! You can get involved in one or t’other, or dip in and out of both. (But just so we get an idea of the numbers for who wants to do what – it’d be helpful if you could choose the appropriate ticket type!)

Getting there

Add yourself to our Google Map to see if anyone else is going in your direction. There may be opportunities for car sharing, etc.

Keep in touch!

Stake out these places for updates before, during and after:


Grab your ticket now – they sold out pretty quick last year!


2 thoughts on “Get two fabulous events for the price of one!

  1. Lesley,

    Can you link to the IDeascale page in order to draw attention to the voting for hackday options, please?



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