ScotGovCamp 2011

New University of Aberdeen library building

New University of Aberdeen library in construction

Right boys and girls! I am awfully chuffed* to be able to confirm that ScotGovCamp 2011 will be held in the MacRobert Building at the University of Aberdeen on Saturday 24 September.

I’ll be posting more detail here shortly, and the first tranche of tickets should be available later in the week.

[I’ve also been chatting with the nice folks at IRISS about holding a mini GovCamp in Glasgow during Social Media Week, which is the previous week (17 – 23 September). This would probably be an evening event and we would be limited to about 30 people. Again, more to follow.]

* not least cos it means I can ogle the new library (which might be open by then!)


7 thoughts on “ScotGovCamp 2011

  1. Well done L – when you publicise the event can you remind folk to add their details to the Google map [ ] so that we can help people with organising travel (e.g. shared, connections) and also with timing of the event.

  2. Excellent! Look forward to signing up.
    Will there be somewhere to look out for the mini IRISS event too?


    • lelil says:

      Hi Sarah

      Yep…just need to confirm the date and timings (likely to be Thursday, 22nd, 5pm-8pm). The first lot of tickets for both events should be available in the next couple of days.

  3. Christian Storstein says:

    Great news!

  4. Ed says:

    Some very important topics here:-

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