GraniteCamp anyone?

Right. First off, an apology. I’ve been promising to say something about ScotGovCamp 2011 (#SGC2) for ages. I have had good reason for holding back…honest.  But I still can’t talk about that. Sorry. I’m not trying to be ‘all mysterious’ – I really am unable to elaborate at the moment.

But…what I can say is (drum roll please) that SGC2 may well be taking place in Aberdeen on 24 September. Plans are at an early stage, so the date and the location may still change – but there are lots of good folk in and around the granite city keen to make it happen.

I can also say that we might try to add a hack day element to the event this time.

So, thank you for your patience folks. Hopefully I’ll have more details for you soon.

(And, obviously, do let me know if you think Aberdeen/24 September/hack day-ifying  is/are completely idiotic idea/s!!!)


11 thoughts on “GraniteCamp anyone?

  1. Not sure what any of that meant…

  2. metazool says:

    Sounds great @lelil – Aberdeen a totally viable day trip as long as it don’t start too early…

  3. I totally support the location (as it is near to home – only joking!!) but agree that travel may be an issue for some, so depending on exact location, the timing could be linked to transport (e.g. train times). If it is a late start and continues late – perhaps we can organise an evening meal/B&B for those that would be interested? Perhaps we can use Google maps (or similar – I am sure someone can help with this) to enable people expressing an interest in coming to put their approximate location – helps with car sharing etc. ? Anyway, if you need help, let me know

  4. lelil says:

    Tom – sorry 😦

    Jo – Yay!

    Nick – I hearby appoint you travel agent/social convener for #sgc2 🙂

  5. lelil says:

    Sorry…I’m a complete numpty…that should be 24 September (going with a Saturday again….although there may be some activity on the Friday as well)

  6. Any progress on confirming the details so that we can really start to plan/promote the event? Any lessons learnt from the last one – which incidentally was extremely successful? Any risks? … and finally any thoughts about potential sponsors (especially given the current financial climate)?

  7. lelil says:

    Sorry Nick, just waiting for confirmation of the venue for the 24th. Hope to hear something in the next week or so.

    Am not really too concerned about sponsorship though – I have some money already, and there are a few folk I’ll be speaking to about getting some more!

  8. Emma Kidd says:

    Ooohhh!! It’s exciting . . .looking forward to hearing more!

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