Taking a break

This blog will be taking a short hiatus.

The  Scottish  Parliament  election takes  place  on  5  May. There are implications  for  the work of  the Scottish Government and it’s civil servants during the official ‘election period’ – which starts today. These  arise  from  the  special  character  of  Government  business  during  an  election campaign, and from the need to maintain the impartiality of the Civil Service and avoid criticism of inappropriate use of official resources. There’s more information on the Scottish Government website if you want the full ins and outs.

Although this is not in any way an official government blog…it’s main contributor (me!) is a civil servant and I’m not taking any chances!

Once we’re back – mid May-ish – it’ll be full steam ahead with planning ScotGovCamp 2, so get your thinking caps as I’ll be looking for ideas! And assistance…

In the meantime…you might want to go along to Social Innovation Camp Scotland, which takes place at the Informatics Forum on 17 – 19 June. Or if you’re a data geek, there’s a National Hack the Government Day event in Aberdeen on 26 March.


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