I want scotgovcamp2!

Crumbs, that’s a dangerous thing to write.  Tantamount to volunteering to help organise it, some mean person might say.  MEMO TO SELF: get excuses lined up – live in the ’deen (what daughter No. 2 calls the Silver City by the Sea) so too far from the centre of action, one-person band with enough to do earning a living let alone organising a national event, too old, not geeky enough…

Last year’s scotgovcamp (henceforth sgc1) was in July. July 2011 sounds like a good month for sgc2.

Interesting that last year’s event is only seven months ago.

But things move fast in the social media world.

So what’s happened in sgc-related issues since July that I’ve noticed?

Well, for starters

  • snow Mark I – no that’s not a new form of social media.  But #uksnow was a great Twitter app that gives a real-time map of snow conditions in the UK.  As I write it’s blank (er, ’cos there’s no snow) but good to see it’s attracted some advertising, proving it’s both a business opportunity and a great social service.  Was I the only person who sat mesmerised in December at the swirling snow storm outside and the evolving uksnow map inside?  What about #ukflood, #uksun or #ukNHSdentistswithvacancies?
  • snow Mark II – lots of councils (Scottish and English) woke up to Twitter as a way of keeping their residents bang up to date with local road conditions, gritting schedules, closed schools etc.  Some great practice sprung up apparently instantly
  • snow Mark III – one (very) large Scottish council fouled up by announcing at 8 a.m. that all its schools were going to be closed that day.  Proof that you can use all the Tweets, texts, web site updates and local radio stations you like but you still need a tad of common sense along with the technology
  • sgc1 attendee Nick Ananin asked a question a month ago on a LinkedIn forumA big question = Are there too many people in the world? Last time I checked his question had attracted over 800 serious comments and answers from contributors world-wide.  How else except through social media could you get such an informed, passionate, diverse and positive discussion in such a short time?
  • I stumbled across Groupon which presumably needs no introduction to social media buffs.  It brings me news every day of deals available in Scotland’s three largest cities.  Rather too many spa treatments, feet-nibbling fish and nail extensions for my needs but someone wants them and I’ve had a couple of nice meals at very reasonable costs through the site.  What about a voluntary/public sector version of Groupon?  It’d be good to get my head around that one at an sgc2
  • good to see the Local Government Improvement Service has got even more into social media (just search for the phrase on their web site).  Their estimable Mike McLean was prominent at sgc1
  • a meeting of the Scottish Knowledge Management Network was held the other week in my backyard (well, sort of – Westhill).  Damn, I missed it.  But at least (the power of social media again) I can check out the presentation given by sgc1’s organising genius Lesley Thomson.  sgc1 star Dave Briggs of Learning Pool was also there.  Where can I find his contribution?  He usually parks his stuff somewhere (quick visit to Slideshare due?)
  • Lesley also got to sgc1’s big brother ukgovcamp in January.  Another one I missed but proof that the social media unconference continues to flourish
  • finally, here’s the Big Society thundering down the track.  There MUST be some social media apps in there somewhere.  Am I the last one jump on board or is that another sgc2 topic?
  • oh, and finally finally, I tweeted from Madrid airport to vent my frustration at being stranded for three days by BA/Iberia when Heathrow was snowbound.  Even blogged about the lessons for the public sector (plug over).

There you are.  I’ve convinced myself.  I want scotgovcamp2!  Any takers?

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14 thoughts on “I want scotgovcamp2!

  1. Ian Watt says:


    Yes – I’d be up for it.

    Lesley did mention it at the SKMN event. Look slike it would be AUtumn but would need more people to share the load.

    Dave Briggs’ contributions are on his blog:


  2. Nick Ananin says:

    Hi Roger

    thanks for the plug for the ‘Big question’ – just hit 1,142 comments and you are right, this would not have happened wihout the technology we have. Also is the reason that I have been sidelined from participation in other conversations and a big apology to Lesley for not following up on what we discussed. Anyway, I too am in favour of SGC2 and am volunteering to help.



  3. Joseph Pakenham says:


    Sounds like a good idea. I’m based in East Kilbride with DFID and didn’t go to the first scotgovcamp but would like to attend scotgovcamp2 (with a few colleagues) if possible.



  4. Nick Ananin says:

    Hi Roger, seems we are gradually getting a few peple interested in helping with SG2 (sounds like a formula). Next step is to scope out what, how, where etc?

  5. lelil says:

    We’re now in the official ‘election period’ so I’m retreating into the analogue world for the next 6 weeks or so 🙂 Will return looking to get cracking with organising SG2 – so get your thinking caps on in the meantime!


  6. Emma Kidd says:


    I was at the SKMN conference, my first forray into this arean and was incredibly inspired. I’d be massively keen to help with a ScotGovCamp2, would be great to have it in Aberdeen, we need it.

    Nick, I’m gonna check out your question . . . and Lesley, your speerin’ has reignited my anthropological buzz!!

  7. Nick Ananin says:

    Hmm.. if Aberdeen is not ideal for SG2, we could always look at Aberdeen holding a LocalGovCamp?

  8. Dan Frydman says:

    I’m in Lesley, but I can’t do the first week of July and possibly July 16/17. Kind of limiting, but you go ahead and book for when you can get the space.

  9. lelil says:

    I’m hoping to be in a position to say something about SG2 in the next few days…just trying to work my way round what could potentially be a rather large obstacle. (Apologies for being cryptic, but I can’t really say any more right now)

  10. Dan Frydman says:

    Ooh – cool. Room for a scotgovhack at the same time?! No pressure…

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