ScotGovCamp in 2011?

Happy new year folks! Believe it or not, it’s almost 6 months since ScotGovCamp.  A lot has happened in those 6 months – too much for me to keep up with. I had hoped to keep an eye on developments on the various strands of discussion that took place and post updates to this blog, but that may have been a bit ambitious.

So I’m wondering if any of our original bloggers (or others who attended) might be up for writing a bit of an update – whether it be developments in the area they led/attended a session on, or a more personal ‘how ScotGovCamp contributed to my professional development/changed my life’ kind of thing.  Any volunteers?  The more the merrier!  Be nice to know that we made a difference…

And then I guess we’ll need to start thinking about ScotGovCamp 2011. It should be easier to organise this time:

  • We know the format works
  • I know what to do. And, more importantly, what not to
  • Dave Briggs and Steph Gray have recently set up moreopen to help organise GovCamps (including help with raising sponsorship)

But… I’m going to be extremely busy in the day job (even busier than usual) over the next 3 months as we try to pack in as much as possible before the election period.  And I’ll be keeping a low profile once purdah kicks in. If there’s enough interest I’ll see what I can do between now and purdah, but if anyone else has a burning desire to do the organising I’d be happy to step back and let them get on with it!

PS. I’m off to UKGovCamp 2011 in the big smoke in a couple of weeks to see how the big boys do GovCamps. I haven’t given too much thought yet to what I might propose a session on, if you have any ideas, let me know. I’m not going to promise to live blog on the day, but I will try to post something as soon as possible after the event. Anyway, keep your eyes on the #ukgc11 hashtag in the meantime.


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