UK councils and Twitter

I don’t know how many ScotGovCamp attendees joined the online conference that was Local by Social on the Local Government Improvement and Development/Improvement Service Communities of Practice site.  I’d meant to ask in advance if any SGC vets were going to be there virtually.  It aimed to discuss:

  • using social media to improve engagement between councils and citizens
  • practitioners: creating and sharing knowledge online
  • exploring Open data for improvement and innovation.

There’s some good stuff there (lots of it) and it’s worth having a look even retrospectively.

Weirdly, it overlapped with some work I was doing to look at if and how councils in the four nations of the UK use Twitter.  Amongst other things I found:

  • a local government officer holder who has over 100,000 Twitter followers
  • of the largest councils in the UK which one doesn’t seem to have discovered Twitter at all
  • some great examples of effective Tweets, and some that definitely aren’t
  • how some councils need to change their culture if they’re going to use Twitter effectively
  • the actions I’d recommend all councils take on Twitter.

The only price for further enlightenment is a visit to my web site to see the headline results and obtain a copy of the report if you’d like one.  Some of it will be old news to the Twitterati in Edinburgh on 30 July.  But there are a few gems (‘tho i say it myself) and I was aiming it a wider audience that in many cases remains to be convinced of the merits of stuff most ScotGovCamp attendees live and breathe every day.

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