Political Innovation – coming to Edinburgh on the 13th November

Politics. But not party politics.

Lesley Thomson has kindly allowed me to post here about a project I’m working on at the moment. I hope it’ll provide an interesting change for ScotGovCampers.

It’s happening at the School of Informatics on Saturday the 13th November, it’s an unconference [get your free tickets here] using a similar format to ScotGovCamp and it’s called Political Innovation.

Don’t let the P-word that put you off though. I understand that a lot of people who work in government covet their impartiality, and this is one of the issues we’re hoping to raise at different times of the day. How far are the kind of changes that you’re already coming across through ScotGovCamp going to impact upon politics (and vice-versa).

Take the question of hyperlocalism. It changes politics. But it also changes the way that governmental bodies inform us. The Birmingham News Room is a minor revolution in the way that government information is provided – but it also potentially changes the way politics is done.

We’ve already got loads of political bloggers, a few MPs and MSPs and a larger number of their assistants signed up. Anyone and everyone with an interest in how the shifting landscape of social media – how we relate to each other and organise our lives – will find something to interest them on the day.

We’re looking for contributors to raise issues including (but not exclusively)

  • Hyperlocalism
  • Petitioning and other forms of crowdsourced government interaction
  • Blogging – how it’s changing, new tools, managing commenting communities, how to avoid being sued
  • How bloggers relate to journalists (and vice versa) – and do bloggers matter?
  • Networked campaigning – how it’s done, and what it means for politicians, civil servants and the campaigners themselves
  • How to remove the barriers to social interaction online

… and anything else that comes up on the day. We’ve had a load of essays published on the Political Innovation site as a sample of the kind of thinking we’re hoping to shake out on the day and we’re hoping to see a few of the contributors there on the day to discus their ideas …  and yours.


2 thoughts on “Political Innovation – coming to Edinburgh on the 13th November

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