A final (?) word about ScotGovCamp 2010

It’s been, what, six weeks, since ScotGovCamp and my blog post has been conspicious by it’s absence. I’d like to say that’s because I was allowing for some time and distance to reflect properly. But alas, no,  just had too much other stuff to do!

So here I am, on my own on a rainy Saturday morning with nothing immediate that needs doing. My reflection is primarily about the event overall (rather than on specific content – other ScotGovCampers have done a brilliant job of that). I was too busy worrying about things going wrong to fully participate in any of the sessions. But that’s OK. My favouriteist thing is bringing people together – it’s really why I kicked the whole thing off in the first place. It’s a librarian thing…

So…(as far as I know) everyone has been very positive about ScotGovCamp. It’s been great to read all the blog posts. [There are still some gaps in blog coverage of the sessions BTW – if anyone has a blog post I’ve missed, please let me know. If you led a session and haven’t written it up yet – it would be really really good if you could.]   There was a good vibe, folk learned stuff, connections were made and I think everyone had fun!

I learnt loads about organising an unconference.  And loads about how not to organise a unconference!  I met lovely people who are all committed to making Scotland a better place – I just didn’t get a chance to speak to enough of them!

And Steve learned a lot about filming live events (and possibly also that he needs to say no to me more often!)

And I think I made a good choice with the venue. The Informatics folk couldn’t have been more helpful and it held up really well as a working space. I’ve already warned them that they may get a few enquiries…

And lots has happened since the event. Here’s a wee sample (not that I’m claiming credit for these you understand!):
So what now?  Should we just sit back and congratulate ourselves on a successful event, or is there more to be done? Well, in the short term:
  • Steve’s doing some whizzy stuff with the video – hope to have that available soon.
  • I’ll continue to chase up session write ups that we’d don’t yet have.

Longer term:

  • If folk think it’s worthwhile, we can use this blog on an ongoing basis to provide updates on topics covered on the day? I’ll attempt to post some pertinent stuff every so often. But I’d be more than happy for any interested parties to blog here, whether regularly or just as a one off guest post.  Any volunteers?
  • People have already been asking about ScotGovCamp 2. I remember saying that I’d be happy to help but wasn’t keen to be the driving force for the next one. I have mellowed a bit and could probably be persuaded (I guess it’s a bit like having a baby…after enough time you forget how painful it was (sorry, that’s a poor analogy – apologies to all mums!)).  Timing will be tricky though. If we want another one before the Scottish Parliament elections in May makes it tricky for us gov types, we’d need to get planning pretty soon (a lead in time of about six months is a necessity not a luxury). Would be interested in your thoughts on that – either here or on http://www.ukgovcamp.com/groups/scottish-govcamp/
  • Or mibees, more focussed camps are the way to go? Looking to our southern neighbours again – they’ve had area based camps, subject focussed camps and organisational camps. Perhaps CityCampEdinburgh :-)?
  • Roy – over on his blog – is, I think, suggesting that a Rewired State type event may be the way to go.

Over to you, fellow Campers!  What ever shall we do next? 🙂


2 thoughts on “A final (?) word about ScotGovCamp 2010

  1. Nick says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing the video – might help to fill in the gaps as there was so much going on!

    The suggestion for ScotGovCamp2 is most fantastic and if there is any way that I can help let me know.

    On a personal note, I found that I should have been better prepared (camera, big notebook, business cards….) so it might be helpful if others could make suggestions on how to optimise the benefits of the unconference.

    Anyway, a big big thankyou for having the first ‘baby’!!

  2. lelil says:

    Thanks Nick – I was my ‘pleasure’ 🙂

    Good point about tips for attending an un-conference. Think there’s a blog post there if you fancy writing it? 😉

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