Thematic threads

At the start of the day we all gave a single word that described why we were there (it would be cool to collate those – mine was VendorLockIn – OK a tiny bit more than one word!).  Moving around the various groupings, I picked up on some common threads in a lot of the debate (in no particular order and probably reflects my personal bias). Anyway, I thought it might be worth listing here and hopefully people that attended will add to the list:

  • Culture – in the context especially of open data, usability, social media (policies) etc. and how we change it
  • Efficiency
  • Engagement  i.e. differentiated from consultation
  • Equality
  • Fear e.g. fear of publishing/opening up data etc.
  • Quality
  • Purpose
  • Risk
  • Transparency and democracy
  • Trust

I then thought it would be cool to collate all these terms and mind map them. Why? It appears to me that most of these themes are part of the underlying constraints that we need to understand to be able to make progress e.g. implementation of  ‘Councils of the Future’.

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