Final Thoughts from Nicola

Nicola's Scotgovcamp badge

My classy homemade badge.

Firstly I want to thank Lesley for letting me post up my notes from ScotGovCamp here. I would welcome any feedback, comments, links or additions as I know that the posts I put up on the day were short of links and there may well be some typos and small corrections to be made/noted. Apologies also to anyone I didn’t correctly credit in my posts – some of the name badges were easier to read than others (and those without a badge were that much harder to identify).

Where I’ve added links into later posts I have also bookmarked the relevant pages with the ScotGovCamp tag on Delicious which I notice has lots of great stuff on it from various folk. Have a wee look here:

I really enjoyed chatting through various ideas and experiences throughout ScotGovCamp and will certainly be staying in contact with the people I met. It was super to mix sectors up a bit and see what could be shared and learned. I think I picked some great sessions to join on the day but am now looking forward to scoping out other people’s blogs and seeing what else was discussed in the other rooms.

My personal thanks again to all who made the event happen and came along. I shall now hand the blog back to Lesley 😉

Lunch at ScotGovCamp

Lunch at ScotGovCamp.


One thought on “Final Thoughts from Nicola

  1. Peter Ashe says:


    Just to say many thanks for all your recording of Saturday – thank heavens for the presence of someone so fleet of finger…

    I was thinking that one of my impressions of this sort of event was going to be that it’s great – but you forget the conversations you were part of. I say “was going to be”, as in fact, it’s all here, recorded to jog the memory! It’s really helpful to have it laid out as a near-transcript. One of the best and most straightforward write-ups of an event that I’ve seen.

    Brilliant stuff!
    Thanks again

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