It’s here…

We’re now into the second lot of sessions this morning. No problem getting topics to talk about and Dave Briggs from our lovely sponsors Learning Pool did a grand job of creating order out of chaos and putting the agenda together.

Topics include:

  • the Big Society (how topical are we!?)
  • open data (no surprise there)
  • success in mobile apps
  • a Digital Scotland strategy
  • ranking barriers to engagement
  • linked data
  • kHub
  • G-cloud
  • digital inclusion

I think I’m going to avoid actually attending any of the sessions…I know, I know…it’ s just that they’re going to be very interesting and they’ll make me think about stuff and my head doesn’t need any more stuff in at the moment! 🙂

There’s lots of blogging and tweeting (hashtag is #ScotGovCamp) going on and we’re videoing a fair bit of the discussion We’ll pull as much of the content together on this blog – watch this space!

And libraries have had a few mentions already this morning so I’m happy.

(big donut)


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