Here we go…

Topics suggestions are starting to trickle in now. Any of these tickle your fancy?

  1. G-cloud by definition should be totally open (open source, open data, open data structure, open data
    standards, open architecture, open service…)
  2. Onine marketplaces and (small s) social services
  3. The challenges to digital engagement
  4. The computerisation of administration legislation

4 thoughts on “Here we go…

  1. Watty62 says:


    As an employee of a local authority I’m aware of the masses of data that we hold. We could, with varying degrees of difficulty, make most of it available as Open Data.

    The topic which I’d like to discuss is what data would be most valuable to citizens, partner organisations etc?

    The outcome of that discussion could help to prioritise where we put our efforts.



  2. Digital engagement is a big one for us just now.

    I’ve just been made aware of Staircase – a “platform for advanced community engagement”. Interested to explore whether things like this have potential, where the likes of Facebook et al don’t really fit the bill.

    Will also be interested to hear people’s ideas for reaching that noblest of goals: achieving more for less.

  3. Roger White says:

    What about the list on the Scotweb 2.0 CoP at

    What should a Scottish Government digital engagement strategy look like?
    Social media and efficiencies
    Our digital future – what does it look like?
    Digital inclusion/exclusion
    Libraries and social media
    Online content strategy for local/central government
    Connecting, public culture and cuts – how the social web can help cultural institutions connect with the public
    Stuff you can do with Flickr
    Enterprise 2.0 – deploying social technologies within our organisations to improve communications
    Open data – what steps do we need to get us sharing our data?
    Free and good enough technologies – the next stage of digital services development?
    Smart cities and the internet of things
    Social Media Surgeries – is anyone holding these in Scotland (or something similar)?
    Engaging less able people by the use of virtual walks/events in their area or field of interest
    Front-line social media: engagement, consultation and learning
    Does the growth in social and geo-sensative gaming have any implications for government?
    Innovative responses to emergencies
    Do we need a Scottish version of
    Can we come up with an innovative web 2.0 application for Scotland that meets a real need, and gets people saying “this is fantastic. These govCamps must be amazing”?

    (Or is it too late now you’re all at the Apex getting, er, prepared)

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